Valparaíso & Casablanca Valley

The city of Valparaiso together with the Casablanca Valley are part of the network of the World Wine Capitals. The strategic proximity of the port city with this magnificent wine valley, transform these destinations into a window to enjoy the flavors of wine, beautiful natural landscapes and a heritage treasure that you will never forget.

In the city of Valparaiso await you with its hills, funiculars and people, its beautiful viewpoints towards the bay are ideal to enjoy stunning sunsets. The "Jewel of the Pacific" has been an inspiration for artists, writers and poets, who also enjoyed the warmth of the vineyards that houses the Casablanca Valley. In this destination you will discover every day something new at every turn: the hidden flavors of the best Chilean wine, the beauty of heritage buildings, urban art and nature that always surprises.

Great Wine Capitals is a global network of cities and regions that share a common economic and cultural asset: being an internationally renowned wine region. The mission of the global network is to promote economic, academic and cultural development in each of the cities through exchanges and joint projects, especially in the area of wine tourism.

World Capitals

''Best Of Wine Tourism'' Contest

The «Best Of Wine Tourism» awards are the cornerstone of the network’s activities recognizing the development of wine tourism in each of the regions.

The winners of each category of the Best Of Awards 2024 are:


First Place: Hotel La Casona Viña Matetic
Second Place: Hotel Casa Vander
Third Place: Hostal Casa Parral


Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices

First Place: Viña Casas del Bosque
Second Place: Bodegas Re
Third Place: Viña Matetic

Architecture & Landscape

First Place: Casa Valle Viñamar
Second Place: Viña Lopez Pangue
Third Place: Kingston Family Vineyards

Wine Tourism Services

First Place: Bodegas Re
Second Place: Viña Matetic
Third Place: Viña Casas del Bosque


Art & Culture

First Place: Palacio Baburizza
Second Place: El Cuadro Ranch
Third Place: Bodegas RE


Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

First Place: El Cuadro Ranch
Second Place: Casa Valle Viñamar
Third Place: Viña Matetic

Wine Tourism Restaurants

First Place: Macerado Casablanca 
Second Place: El Cuadro Ranch
Third Place: Porto Divino Restaurants

Annual Meetings