Clean Production Agreement

The Association of Wine Entrepreneurs of the Casablanca Valley, is currently working on the initial and diagnostic stage of this clean production agreement that contemplates the participation of more than 20 companies and seeks to position the vineyards and vineyards of the Casablanca Valley in terms of sustainability, optimizing productive, environmental, occupational health and safety management.

Also, one of the fundamental axes in which this agreement has focused, has been in the improvement and optimization of energy efficiency and the use of water in the processes of cultivation, growth and harvest of grapes and in the elaboration of wines. This is especially important because of the water scarcity to which our country has been affected and which has invited us to generate better strategies for the preservation of the resource and also to move towards the generation of clean production energies.

Within the Guild Association, this project has been promoted by José Miguel Arnaiz, director and manager of the Agricultural Area, who points out that "from this Association that represents the productive sector, we have promoted and encouraged the vineyards and vineyards of the Casablanca Valley to subscribe to this agreement promoted jointly to the National Agency of Sustainability of the Ministry of the Environment". 

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